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Offered services

Auditing services
statutory audit of regular, special, interlocutory and consolidated final accounts
- audit according to Czech standards
- audit according to German standard HB II, IAS or American GAAP
- audit of final accounts to fusions and to ongoing balance-sheets at fusions, capital transfers on a partner
- audit of final accounts of municipalities and other subjects in non-profit spheres
special auditor reports about contract verifications, conditions of grants, deposits of outstanding debts etc.
audit verifications of projects financed by the EU, e.g. NROS, OPRLZ, EQUAL and others

Tax services
tax consultation for corporations and individuals
processing of declarations of taxes (income and other kinds of taxes)
extension of tax declaration due dates
minimization of tax obligation, abolition of double taxation of dividends
interpretation of tax legislation and consultation of tax operations concerning capital stock, company transformation, selling and renting corporations
tax consultation concerning administration and renting realties and renting corporations
minimization of tax obligation concerning reconstructions, maintenance, and technical evaluation when renting realties, and creation of provisions for capital reconstructions
representation of the taxpayer before tax administrations, at tax verifications, and processing of protests of payment fines
solution of international tax liabilities (tax indemnity, P.A.Y.E. tax, applications under Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty)

Accounting services
accounting for all types of entrepreneurs
elaboration of solution of accounting methodical problems
interpretation of accounting legislation
cooperation at formation of individual final accounts
formation of a consolidated final accounts
creation of intra-corporate instructions
accounting for non-profit organizations

Other financial services
consultation at company start-up, including foreign markets
consultation of company transformations (fusion, capital transfer)
interpretation of tax law changes
processing of salary administration
liquidation of a company
economic analyses and other financial analyses